Our services

Written Translation

We provide translation services to both individuals and legal entities in the following areas:

  • Translation of technical documentation
  • Legal translation
  • Translation of medical texts
  • Translation of texts in the field of economy, finance, insurance business
  • Translation of the customs documents (declarations, CMR, bill of lading, certificates, etc.)
  • Translation of Banking documents
  • Marine Documentation Translation
  • Translation of commercial documents (constituent documents, financial and accounting documents, contracts, etc.)
  • Translation of letters and business correspondence
  • Translation of marketing texts and advertising texts

We are aware that any inaccuracy or ambiguity in the wording can lead to very adverse consequences, so the most responsible attitude to their work.

We always try to offer our customers the widest range of services, and our managers will always advise you on matters relating to the translation.

Verbal translation/Interpreting

We provide interpreting services to both individuals and legal entities in the following areas:

  • Maintenance of business visits, negotiations, etc.
  • Translation of telephone conversations
  • Support individual or business delegations
  • Consecutive interpretation when applying to any public authorities, the courts and authorities of notaries
  • Translation during the installation and repair work of equipment

Today’s world, the pace of strengthening and expanding relations between the two countries is gaining momentum with each passing year. It is important that intercultural communication performed at a high level and consistent with the original. Therefore, the interpretation requires the interpreter not only superb language skills and excellent knowledge of the subject area, but also communication skills and respect the rules of professional ethics. We are ready to provide interpreting services of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.

Translation of personal documents

We will carry out any translation of personal documents, such as:

  • passports and other identity documents
  • certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, change of name, death, etc.
  • driving licenses
  • certificates of pension, pension files
  • education documents: certificates, diplomas and applications, certificates, transcripts
  • certificates, certificates
  • military ticket
  • labor books
  • notary documents, consents, power of attorney, court decisions
  • stamps and seals in the certificate attesting
  • and any other documents

We also perform the translation of the documents referred to above under the notarization. Translations can be certified by a notary public, which confirms that the document translated by certified translator and meets the requirements established by law. Notarial translation is required to provide translations of documents in official bodies of the Russian Federation and foreign states. In addition, documents translated into a foreign language and notarized can be legalized by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with the requirements of the Hague Convention by putting them “Apostille” stamp corresponding.

The document provided for translation and further certification must meet the following criteria:

  • on the document must present signatures and seals of the organization that issued it;
  • the document should not contain corrections, mechanical damage, crossed out words and other defects.

Our managers will always advise you on the procedure of notarization and legalization of documents.

We have rich honey agaric in the translation of documents for obtaining foreign visas, temporary residence permits, for marriage, etc.

And if you have any questions, we’re here to help.